galleries are not updating, showing wrong pics, ...


First of all, I would like to thank you for your great script! I just installed it yesterday (which was totally easy btw!) and I love to play around with it and configure it and so on...
Unfortuneatly I am experiencing some problems right now, I am not able to solve by myself. I have to admit, I am a total noob when it comes to coding, so forgive my ignorance...

Here we go:
I have already uploaded a couple of pictures in different galleries yesterday, some via the integrated ftp upload, some via an orenary ftp client!
after these initial tests, i wanted to upload more pics today (about 200 files) in a new gallery/album. i did this via the ftp client, because the integrated upload seems kinda slow to me sometimes...
anyways, after uploading all those images (which are the same size and resolution, like the ones yesterday...), i wanted to scan the directories and name the pics. but the script does not show me those new 200 files! instead of them, it shows me some pics of an other gallery, which i have uploaded yesterday!!
in the setup/galleries dialog, it shows me the correct number of files, but when i look into the setup/picures dialog, i only get the names of those other pics (not even the pics, only the file names...)
i have cleared the cache and scanned the directories several times!
is it just taking more time to process so many pics?
are there any limits?
have you ever experienced such a problem?
could you think of any mistake i have made?
if you need further information on my problem, please tell me!
i really hope, you can help me!

thanks in advance,

Please send me the link to

Please send me the link to your site, and the admin password. I'll look at it later ... but you can try following:

  • check if you really uploaded the pictures in your photos directory
  • try to delete all files in data directory and start phpAlbum. You will loose all your setup and will have to setup the photos directory again

In my personal gallery ( i have almost 4.000 pictures, and have no problem with it. Of course it take more time to rescan the whole gallery (~30sec) but it works.

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