How to center albums in the gallery main window?

Hello again,
I have got a problem with albums.

Look at my page:

As you can see, albums are not align center, but left. I tried to edit album.php, dir_pic.tpl.php, and only thing that happened was that each album was displayed under the previous one.

How can I center all the albums, so that they are displayed in one row?

Ok, you will have to edit

this didnt work for me

this didnt work for me either.
BUT i think i found the solution.

just delete the width="100%" from the code and change align="left" to "center"

try it :)

try this

try this
#main {width:600px;position:absolute;left:50%;margin-left:-300px;}

div id=main

or insert gallery in ul id=main

Thanks Heledore for the post

Thanks Heledore for the post of yours,very good!

I already changed that

And it didn't work :(
Nothing changed, and directioies are still aligned left.
I think it has got something to do with the first line in dir_pic.tpl.php file.

I mean this one:
table style="float: left;" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"

If I try to change that (by writing align="center" instead of float: left), directiories are displayed one under another, not beside another.

Can you take a closer look on that?


It took me two nights, but I finally found the solution. I had to change the whole html code, so that tables are displayed one beside another. But it was worth it :)

Thanx anyway for your help :)

Nice work ... not only the

Nice work ... not only the HTML but the pictures too :)

Thank you ;)

It means a lot to me when people like my art :)
You are welcome to visit my gallery anytime!
After all... I can show my works thanks to your script.

I've tried loads of other scripts, but always there was something wrong and I stopped using them. Your script is different - I can modify it the way I like it, so it can fully define my art.

centered index page

Nice gallery. I like the formatting you have done with a centered index page. Would you share the edited code you with me?


Mob: +44 7747 023 277 (UK)

The code

Hi James.
Give me your e-mail address and I will send you the modified code.

centered index page

It will be much appreciated, thank you.
This is my e-mail:


The code

Hi Heledore,

can you also send me the modified code please


Hi guys is there anyway i can also get the changed html code :)


Anybody know how to do this

Anybody know how to do this ?

Can you please send to

Can you please send to me?

My e-mail:
I need modern code for Flowing_Dark theme.
I also need to center my works

Maybe you'll add this feather in future update?

P.S. The script is Great! Thanks!!!
My gallery

please send the code to me also..


can you please send the code to me.. tooo...

also please do tell me how to change the background image ...

please send the code to me also..


I'm also interrrested in the code.

HEy the Center Idea is great and is what im looking for.

Can you send it too me please.



please send the code to me also..

well if it isn't a too big a deal i would realy like to see that code as well. my e-mail:



I would also like to have this code

My Email address is

Can you send the code my way too?

Email address is


Would it be possible for

Would it be possible for someone to post this code?

I too would like this code...

Can you please post it???

please send me the the code...

My e-mail:

I also need to center my gallery...



Stumbled across this thread while looking for another and after a couple of people commented on your art, I had to take a look. You're missing just one thing: a guestbook so people can cheer your artistic ability on:) Great work!

Great work indeed

Yes, I like the art and indeed I miss a guestbook on that site. But not only that; on such a website should be a contactform, an agenda of coming expositions, a feedback-module ..
I can recommend the CMS of Website Baker:, with many adjustable templates (choose one that is near your wishes, and change as much as you want).
For phpAlbum I used the Inline Wrapper, without any difficulty.
Have a nice time,

Heledore, your art is just

Heledore, your art is just stunning and the way you've managed to reformat the pages for the album and add a background image is most impressive. Instead of asking people to post their email addresses here, would it not be more efficient to post the code you used? It would be so helpful to many people.

Thank you in advance.


heya! fair play to ya


fair play to ya Patrick for the just tryin' to figure out what is it all about...ill post the link for the gallery when its finished :)

Heledore - nice gallery...i'd love to centre the albums too..i might email you soon. (i presume i wont be able to do it myself :) )

check out my work [which will be in a new gallery soon..hopefully] :

center thumbnails

Could I get the code changes to center the gallery emailed to me.

center thumbnails

I too would like to have this code .

Looks like this needs to be in the next version.

Center galleries and thumbnails

I too would like this code.
Thank you

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