Problem with upgrade to

I tried to upgrade this the other day, but encountered a problem. I get the following message at every screen in my photo album, including the admin (setup) pages. And I cannot view any of my photos.

It can be seen here:

Any assistance would be appreciated.

This is quite strange,

This is quite strange, please zip your data directory with all files and send it to me at support(at)

Actualyl it should work, what you can do for now is to download the version and ovewrite it so you at least have a functional version. it looks like if the update did not work for you and it is still ... quite strange.

Patrik, I got your email and

Patrik, I got your email and updated the file, but I cannot see any of the photos. I tried re-scanning the directories, but this didnt help.


If you have backup, just try

If you did backup, just try to delete all data files (in data directory). And go to the album page. Everything will be reset, so you have to setup the photo/cache directory and so on ... password will be admin/admin. It will be the same as you would reinstall.

If that does not work, you have probably not correct installation. Did you copied all files from the new version?


still applying changes for


In the search for a nice photoalbum application I came to youre site.

The demo is very nice so I installed youre latest version.
But now it is still applying changes.

This is the message shown in the window
upgrading from:to
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version

It looks like this topic :

But I don't have any album in it because it is the first usage.

I can't any solution here.
Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can solve this problem?

Thank you in advance

Greetings Martijn

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