Change file for latest update


Is there a change file showing what actually changed in the latest bug release update form the previous version ( as I have a heavily modded (in progress) phpalbum.

I.e. what has changed from to (what happened to



No, there is no change file,

No, there is no change file, just the info in download section ... and there will probably never be an accurate change log. For example the next version 0.4 will have very much changes and i don't beleave you will upgrade your changed version that way, it would take more time then changing 0.4 version ... there will be fully reprogrammed many things, i am using now flatfile database engine for storing informations ... completly reprogrammed setup section with many new features etc... what i am trying, is backward compatibility of themes, and "no data lose" upgrade possibility ... so people using original version with customized themes will have no problems upgrading and using new features ... there will be also some theme change log, so customized themes can be easily upgraded ...

but for this versions you mentioned there was only one function changed generate_image because of download problems with video and audio files. You could compare main.php from old and new version with some program. the was actually the same fix like but it didn't worked. That's why was released.

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