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Not sure if this is a bug or my own stupidy.

I set the HOME directory to www.website.com/subwebname
I save it and when I got to the phpalbum page and click on
the HOME button it takes me to www.website.com
I got back to setup and the HOME field has defaulted back to the original www.website.com with out my subwebname ..

If I click on the logo picture it goes to the right place.
Just the HOME button doesn't go to the same place.


I'm not sure what is causing

I'm not sure what is causing your problem, i just did set up something like you described on the demo album on this site, you can look at it and you will see it works. Are you sure you did not change site name instead of home url?

By the way you can also look into the setup of the demo album.

Home URL

I tried this in the DEMO.

I changed the /dw TO /dw2 SAVED it then reloaded the demo page and it was still the /dw

I when back into setup and it was reset back to /dw

It acts like it's not saving this data

Yes, you can NOT save it on

Yes, you can NOT save it on demo page, it is just for looking, but i can. And i wanted to show you that it works because befeor it was just www.phpalbum.net not www.phpalbum.net/dw.

I will change that to www.phpalbum.net/installer so you can see that it changes ...

But why it does not work for you .. no idea, but you can send me the link to your site and ftp login and i can check it if you want...


Return Home URL:
Please choose URL where the HOME link should point.
This is the one I changed.

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