Can't get FTP to work

Hey Patrik, this looks to be a great program and I'm anxious to get it up and running on my site but I'm having a hard time getting the FTP setup.

Currently I have everything setup and entered, but I keep getting the message "Unable to change to directory /www/photos/ on ftp server" when I try to log onto my FTP from the setup page. This confuses me since I have permissions to the folder /www/photos/ set to "777". For what it's worth I've even tried temporarily changing all the permissions for the website to "777" to see if that would help but no dice.

Any ideas?

It means there is no

It means there is no /www/photos/ directory on your server ...
you have there some typing error or it is not the full path i.e. missing some xxx in


i can check it if you send me temprarily your ftp login and admin password for your site ...

I have different error message

First of all, I am really impressed of your work. I used the installer, and it was done in some second. Everything seem to work, only one thing not: upload manager.
I got the error message: "Unable to upload file testfile!"
I set everything I could to 777. (folder photos, cache and data)
What can I try more?
Thank you!

I will send the ftp data by email

Thank you for your email, i

Thank you for your email, i sent you per email what was wrong ...
photo dir and ftp dir pointed to two separate directories, one was in root of your webpage, and the other was in root of your ftp ...

wrong email

Unfortunately I did not get any email from you, I think it is because you have replied my email. Sometimes I get feedback, that the reply address is not correct.
Would you please send your reply to

Did you change anything in my settings in my album or you have described what to do? (Because it is still giving the error message.)

Thank you again!


Sorry Sorry :) This was a

Sorry Sorry :)
This was a another case, but the same problem :)
I looked now on your site and i really did not find any problem with that setup.
I have seen you have now set up new album where you already have some photos ... does work the upload manager now?

I think there must be some other problem with your server.. but no idea what it is ...

OK, i see now, you have the

OK, i see now, you have the same problem there and i now know what it is ..

look to your error log, you have there:

07/05/31 20:54:02 ftp_put(): Prohibited file name: .test
/home/e/edesapa/www/album/setup.php (Line:1159)

it means the upload manager can not upload test file which is named ".test" with a point on the begining.

I never seen thing like this :)

What you can do is to edit setup.php file and change everywhere .test to something without that point ... for example test :)

it works, perfect

Thank you for your help, it works now!


thank you Thank You THANK YOU.
Now this was truly a funny problem and you solved it. But where o where is that log file to be found?

I must therefor add something more funny.
I have tested this ftp uploader on 2 different accounts. The first one I tested had this fameous testfile problem. But on the other host there were no problem at all.

So as you said by removing the dot really helped.

Also funny I am almost one year after :)

Submitted by patrik on Thu, 2007-05-31 19:58.
Today 2008-05-09

Same testfile error

Hi, I'm a bit new at this, but I'm getting the same "Unable to upload file testfile!" error. I've got 777 permissions on everything, but I can't seem to figure out why this isn't working.

The people I'm trying to set this up for would much rather use the upload manager than FTP through a command line, so getting this working is very important.

Please help.

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