Can't modify 'Main setup' page

I've installed the version provided with the auto-installer from your site.
When I want to modify the main-setup page and click on 'save configuration' the page goes blank and when I restart the setup, the thing's i've schanged are set back to the default value. Perhaps there is a little bug.

All other setup-pages work fine.


Maybe I think the problem is

Maybe I think the problem is spaces in some names, because, when I put the HTML-code for a space   instead of a space it works fine.
This works on all pages where you have to put some special characters in, but when you later on try to modify the setup, you have to do it all over again, to prevent you from getting the blank screen.

Could you send me your

Could you send me your zipped data directory. This is the database of phpAlbum, may be you found out some bug ...

Where did you have the problem with the space in the name?


The problem occured at 'Main

The problem occured at 'Main Setup' when i wanted to change the albumname. But when I loook again ow it seems not to be tjhe problem with the spaces in the name, but the single-qoute ( ' ) I have in the name of the site. If i put the HTML character Code of the single-quote on the place of the single-quote, there's no problem at al, only when i've saved the configuration and want to change something on the same page I have to put het HTML code again.

Checking the setup pages the problem occures almost everywhere where you can put a single-quote in an input field.


Actually i have no problem

Actually i have no problem with single quotes in "Site name" in Main Setup. It is possible that some where i did not checked it, but generally it should not be problem at all.

What version of PHP and Apache do you use, is it windows or linux server?

It's a Linux-server. Based

It's a Linux-server. Based on Fedora.
Apache 2.0.54
PHP 5.0.4


The problem is solvrd. I had

The problem is solvrd. I had to activate the option magic quotes.

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