The videos from my Sony Ericsson K750i are in .3gp format and do not appear in the gallery. Have I configured the script incorrectly or is this a feature request?

Welcome in forum jamnear

Welcome in forum jamnear :-)
So, there are several file endings supported out of box but this one 3GP is not. There are two possibilities how to integrate your videos to your album:

  • you will make for all your videos one screenshot, for example an jpg file and you name this so that it has the same name as your video but additionally on the and .jpg, so for test.3gp you will have test.3gp.jpg screenshot. if you then put both files in your album it will be displayed.
  • second possibility is to edit main.php file, there you can find function is_movie. There you can then see the line

    if($t=="AVI" ||$t=="MPG" ||$t2=="MPEG" ||$t=="MOV" ||$t=="WMV" ||$t=="VOB") return true;

    you can add your file ending there so it will be recognised as movie as following:

    if( $t=="3GP" || $t=="AVI" ||$t=="MPG" ||$t2=="MPEG" ||$t=="MOV" ||$t=="WMV" ||$t=="VOB") return true;


EDIT: if you get problems downloading files from your album with IE, please use the newest version i just released bug regarding filename problems by downloading of movies audios and so on...

Brilliant - that worked! Is

Brilliant - that worked! Is automated video thumbnail generation and video commenting in the pipe line?

Only one problem, for the video to play one has to click the save button instead of open. Any ideas for a work around?

Text Documents

Is there a way to make the movies play in the gallery itself orf have the appropriate player open automatically without requiring download of movie file? I'm also interested in adding stories to my site as text documents, will I be able to use your album for these and if so, where would I put the .txt extension?

I'll send you the link to my

I'll send you the link to my private album. May I have your email address or can I PM you? Thx.

My email is under the

My email is under the "webmaster" link left top on the page .. you can also use contact function if you click on "admin" link by my comments...

Is automated video thumbnail

Is automated video thumbnail generation and video commenting in the pipe line? :-P

automatic video thumbnail is

automatic video thumbnail is not so easy to make, and if makable than not fucntional on most servers. But we will see. Commenting would be interesting, but i have no idea where tu put comments for videos.

If you click on video thumbnail, you get the video not as by image an imageview page.

May be it would be good to have something like download page for video if you click on video thumbnail, and there we could have comments, voting and download link, number of downloads and so on...

That would be a very good

That would be a very good idea. At the moment I have a subdirectories that say video, if instead there was a seperate page for video - that would be perfect.

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