Show newest pictures count?

I think you've done an amazing job Patrik, but sometimes I am confused by the descriptions...

The following is taken (including spelling mistakes) from one of the Gallery options:

Show newest pictures count
Enter the count of the newest picuters which should be displayed on the front page

I am not sure what this means. Does anyone know?

Show newest picture count - means display thumbnails


"Enter the count of newest pictures . . . . etc." means:

Enter how many of the newest pictures (from this gallery, I guess) you would like to see displayed as thumbnails on your main Album page.

I found out by entering a number and seeing what happened. I don't know what would happen if you put, say, the number "3" in each of your galleries. I also don't know if anything happens AFTER the pictures are no longer "new". --Perhaps someone who WANTS new pics displayed on the main page could report how it works.

With so many features, could envision a 60 page manual for this program --

I agree with you that Patrik is doing a GREAT job of creating and supporting this album program!

For every directory you can

For every directory you can setup how many newest pictures will be displayed in that directory in separate block.

It shows newest picutures from that directory and all subdirectories

I personally use it only in the root directory to show people what are the newest pictures in album. So they can see if anything is new there or not, because they know what they alredy have seen or not ...

I agree with you that the description is not the best :) Hope i do not forget to change that :)

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