Adding the template into my sites template

Hi use a template for my site so that the header and menu bar are the same on everypage.
What i wnat to do is put the photo album into the middle of this so that it loads in the middle of the page.
So far however i'm not getting much luck i can get it to load in the page and i can see it but none of the pictures will show up.
Also the defult font size and background colour of my pages are changed as well.
How can i do it so that the pictures still show up and that the background colour stays white. (the font i'm not to worried about)

what i have so far is at
Any help welcome

Could you please nearly

Could you please nearly describe how you did it to this time, which files die you edit and so on...

Did phpAlbum work befor you start with merging of that two themes?

To be honest all i have done

To be honest all i have done so far is put the main page code into my template in the middle.
I did not expect it to work but when all but the pcitures worked i wondered if there was an easy way to fix it.
And it was working befor i tryed to add it to my template.

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