Bad start -- directory doesn't exist (yet it DOES)

I got caught before the horse even left the gate.
In I made a folder 0phpalbum and put all the files in there. I also made a 0xxxxxx directory on the same level as the 0phpalbum folder and changed setup php to reflect it.

Then within the 0phpalbum folder I made a data_0xxxxxx folder and a cache_0xxxxxx folder both as 777 permissions.

The xxxxxx is disguised, and I started my stuff with 0 (zero) so I don't have to scroll all over to find the files.

In any event, when firing up

I get the message

Welcome to phpAlbum
Please check your config.php file, the directory /0xxxxxx/ does not exist

I DISAGREE -- I think it IS there! whats up?

Thanks Don

Hello Don, first, the

Hello Don,

first, the directory in config.php should point to data directory, this directory should be writable. On you error message i can see thet phpAlbum is trying to open /0pdqpic/ directory. This was probably thought to be a picture directory.

Picture directory is set up later if phpAlbum is working, in setup section Setup->Main setup.

in config.php there should be relative path to the writable data directory, in your case data_0xxxxx/ (note, without the slash on the begining).

if it works, login to the setup (admin/admin is the default user/pass). And change the picutre directory to ../0pdqpic/, after this it should work.

Thanks for the install help!

Hey Patrik:

Thanks for your help on install. I had a hard time getting started, but once I got going -- the program is GREAT!

The "DATA folder" is a place where the phpAlbum stores its internal stuff, and that file has to be named data(underscore)something or other. The term DATA can be confusing in that it sounds like that might be where you put your pictures. It is not!

The CACHE folder is also a place for phpAlbum to store its internal stuff, and also has to be named cache(underscore) something or other.

To get started, you don't even have to know in what folder you are going to be using for your pictures. You can go ahead and create one, and put a picture in it, so that when the setup screen comes on, you will be ready to tell it where you are keeping your pictures.

Once I understood that DATA was not "content of the album" I was fine.

I re-wrote what you told me to try to make it a little clearer for other beginners.

Meanwhile, thanks for your quick response.

Don (with LOTS more pics and captions to add)

Thanx very much for your

Thanx very much for your thoughts, i'll try to rewrite the install guide to be more clear for others. You know it is hard for me to be more clear as for me is everything clear :)

Anyway, you did a good work, and i hope you will have fun with phpAlbum


here is what i have in my config.php
/* Configuration script */
When installing new instance of phpAlbum , change the filename of this file to config.php
and setup the $data_dir to your data directory.
It must be writable to your PHP user( wwwrun or something like that)

When upgrading you can just leave this file here as is, you most probably have already a
config.php which is ok for you.
$data_xyz34jk="gallery/"; /* !!strongly recommended to use some other directory (security issues)*/


what is needed to fix this and get my gallery running, for my photos i have called it gallery
why isnt this all set up before distributing the program. at least the data part.

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