Problem on Customizing setup.css

I'm trying to customize the look of the setup only changing colors.

I'm stuck at this point :

How can I change the blue titles of the boxes?

And more important as you can see below on the screen there is the title bar to managing comments. How can I change its backgroung to make more visible?


To see your Setup->Comments

To see your Setup->Comments i need your setup password. So i am not sure what you mean. If there are some things not in css they are probably in file ....

Since the gallery is still

Since the gallery is still not online the userid and password are still the default ones. :)

Okay, now i can see what you

Okay, now i can see what you mean.

The problem is i did not think that somebody will change the setup section, but i should. It is my mistake.

For now you will have to change that colors manually, they are not stored in setup.css :(

You will have to check the files. Each setup section have a separate include file, they are mix of php and html. There are the colors hardcoded.

I think i'll put all that color definitions in css file in some next version, so they will be easier to change.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.

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