Antispam Code not shown

On "Add new Comment" the result I have is this cmd=imageview&var1=Raduni+e+Fiere%2FCustom%2Fcustom_mini_3.jpg &var3=post_comment#COMMENT

as you can see no antispan image is shown, any clue?


I'm not sure what your

I'm not sure what your problem is, if i click to display that image i get some internal error of your web server.
Actually this should work, can you see any errors in your Setup->ErrorLog (if it is disabled, enable it and look there later)

This is the result I see in

This is the result I see in error log

<? $phpalbum_Errors[]= Array("datetime" => "07/05/21 15:45:59","errornum" => "2","errortype" => "Warning","errormsg" => "readfile(cache_mmrev1/cp15.jpg) [function.readfile]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory","scriptname" => "/web/htdocs/","scriptlinenum" => "156"); ?>

I checked and no file named CP15.jpg is present in the entire PhpAlbum folder tree.

Show antispam code pictures.

Hello Patrik,
Firstly, thanks a lot for all your hard work you put into this SW. It is really great. I have a small problem because when me/somebody wants to put a comment or to send an e-card from my phpAlbum the antispam code pictures are not shown. I copied the image location and it reads: www.my_web_site/main.php?cmd=antispampic&var1=10
Could you help me please?
Thanks in Advance
PS: Where could I see which version I installed (on 07.08.2007 using the Webinstaller). It should be the version 0.4.1-14 as it was released end May but there I have no possibility to see exactly.



you can see the version when you open the main.php file in a code editor.

Or if you look at the source

Or if you look at the source code of any page in phpAlbum :) That is how i always check which version the users uses. But it is not always there, because some of them are editing the theme files...

Are you using some free

Are you using some free webplace? May be there is the problem, some of them are putting Ads in the jpg generated by phpAlbum.

Do you have some errors in Error Log? You have to switch error logging on in phpAlbum ... may be there we will find the bug...

Antispam pics not shown

Hello Patrik,
Thank you for answering. No I am not using free webspace. Since 2 days I enabled the error log but in my setup the section "Errors log" is empty. What is the location of the error log in the folder tree? If you want to search for a bug, I could send you the url, and the admin's pass on your email.
PS Is there any place where I can find how the whole thing is working, e.g. do I have to generate the pics myself, store them in some folder, register the folder in some php file and stuff like that.

Antispam pics not shown


I am having same problem of anispam picture not showing and giving you Internal Server error if trying to open it directly. Anyone found resolution?

Several people have this

Several people have this problem.

IIRC, no fix esits for it...yet.

But Patrik would have to answer that to have a real answer.

Hi, Kitrax you are right,


Kitrax you are right, there is no fix available yet, as i can not reproduce that problem on my computer and on my server. It should actually work. I have still no idea what is the problem ...

Hello Patrik, Since you can

Hello Patrik,
Since you can not reproduce the bug, you probably have some stuff installed which we do not have. I would like to ask for a huge favour. Please describe how the whole thing works (if you have time of course), leaving us to figure out why it doesn't work. Perhaps we could solve it for you or at least give you a hint.

Hello Ozzy, with help of

Hello Ozzy,

with help of Ralph Colyn who allowed me to test this problem on his server i found the bug and just released the fix for it.

I sent a wrong header for this antispam pictures, so some restrictively configured web servers recognized it as error and displayed only internal server error instead of picture.

It should be ok now, could you test it please too?


Antispam Code not shown

Hi All

My Pleasure, makes for a better product.

Ralph Colyn

Antispam code not showing

Hi - I was able to load the gallery, and the photos just fine. But, the antispam image is not showing up. I checked the error log and i got the following error: "readfile(cache_xxxxxxx/cp6.jpg) [function.readfile]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory" I checked the files in my cache directory, and there isn't a cp6.jpg image - only a cp4.jpg and a cp6.jpg. Any ideas on how I can fixt this?


Actually it should be fixed

Actually it should be fixed with the newest version. Do you use it?

Other then that you are posting that there is cp6.jpg AND that there isn't cp6.jpg in the same sentence ...

These Antispam JPGs are deleted automatically after displaying, kind of self-destroying :)

You should first check if you are using the newest version where it was fixed.

oops - I didn't realize I

oops - I didn't realize I referred to the same file! The file being called wasn't present in the directory - that's what I was gettting at. I understand now that it deletes itself afterward.

I thought I had the newest version, but I'll take a look and hopefully that will work.

Thanks for the help! Wonderful program!



The reason why the image won't show is because the header is incorrect. In MAIN.PHP, at about line 2634 find:


and change it to:

header("Content-type: image/jpeg");

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