Video download filename being renamed to UTF characters

When I download a WMV file from my site running v0.3.2.1 it renames the file to a string of characters eg "=_UTF-8_B_TGVzQXJjc19QRy53bXY=_="

UTF-8 is enabled on the server and not being reported as an error. This is running on an Apache server on Windows XP.

All help appreciated, otherwise an excellent piece of scripting, just wish it worked with the include directive in PHP so it fitted in with the rest of my site without frames.


Dou you have this problem

Dou you have this problem also with other then IE browser? There is a known bug i fixed but it comes out first with new version, that IE makes some strange file names by downloading the files. But this was not only UTF-8 issue. I will try it with UTF.
For working with include i will have to create some API ... but this is only in "thinking-about" phase ..

Re: Do you have this problem

Is this related to the problems I am having?

Hi, i would say this is the

Hi, i would say this is the same problem but i am not sure ... your problem is already fixed but it comes first in the new version ... actually i thought new version comes sooner but it will take some time, so may be i release tomorrow some bugfix regarding this problem.

I released bugfix this

I released bugfix this morning, so try it with the newest version. I hope it will be better. If any problems, please let me know ...


Unfortunately I've still got the same problem.
Link to it is here


yes, you are right, i have

yes, you are right, i have to say: ***** **** **** IE ... or how did i tested!!!!! , i was sure it works but it does not ...

FIXED, now it should be

FIXED, now it should be really fixed, IE does not accept encoded file names, so i leave this unencoded, i tested it with german strings and it worked, hopefully i find some better solution ... but it works now, at least with IE6 and FireFox 1.5 ...

Bug fix corrected my problems!



Not fixed with IE7 beta2 preview (7.0.5296.0) but appears fine with IE6 + FF now.

Thank you !


That one was good :) IE7 ,

That one was good :) IE7 , heh, ok, is it possible to have both installed IE6 and IE7 ? ... what i don't underestand why they are always changing so basic stuff like header for downloading files ... each IE has some other requirements(bugs), why can FireFox more then IE ?...

but thanx for letting me know, if there is offical version of IE7 i will of course fix it, may be i will look on this preview also ...


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