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I really like the script! Pretty close to what I have been looking for, Thanks! Question though....Is there a way where people can access the photo gallery without having to put in a password? Ideally,the only thing I'd like to have passworded is the setup page. Becuase once you get into the gallery ANYONE can go into the setup area and mess around with it. That I do not like. I want everyone to be able to see my photos,but not get into any of the admin stuff.

Thanks for you help.


Default setup after

Default setup after installing is :
everyone can access your gallery and setup.

First thing you have to do is change your setup password in "Main Setup" section. After this, you need the password for setup. Please note that this is stored as cookie on your browser for x hours (this x you can also setup in "main setup" section), so it can happen that you can access setup without putting the password, but no one else can do this.

But you don't need any password for your galleries, this is setted up in "Directories" section, so if you leave the password fields for all directories clear, every one can access your gallery. Each directory can have some separate password.

Not the way mine works....

whenever I first log in it wants a password. See website I type in the password 'password' and I can access the setup page without having to enter any more passwords. I using using Macintosh's Safari 2.0.3 browser. If I use Firefox web browser I have to put in a password when I initally get to the site and then again when I click on setup.

I installed the photoablum using your installer. Should I mabybe install it manually.

Thanks for your help.

Ok, this is very

Ok, this is very interesting. I have no avaible macintosh so i can not test it with Safari, but with firefox i have also tu put a password if i want to access galleries. Are you sure that in your directories settings there is no "password" for directory "/" ? And i could not access setup page, could you send mi setup password per email? Even better would be ftp login to your server, i would check it what it can be ... and one more question, is there any possibility to run safari on intel computers (win/linux) ? Or is there some aviable macintosh image for vmware?

Getting onto the site.

I'm sending you an email.

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