PHP Photo Album -

Why did i started to programm this PHP Photo Album.

First, i was always searching for some easy to use and install PHP Album. As i am programmer i have never found something what i really liked.

I needed something where i only have to upload my new photos and that's it. No thumbnails regenerating, no static page Photo album generator, just create new directory and upload my photos with FTP or SFTP.

I needed some script which does not need any database, it should use file system, PHP and nothing else.

I also needed something where i can easily setup passwords for som directories or just with one click disable some others visibility and so on...

So one day i weaked up and started to type this script. And as this one morning is really not long ago, i have just some pre-Alfa stage program which i am now using and, when i have some time i write some new code ...

You are of course welcom to use this PHP Photo Album script , but functionality is garanteed as is, and i will take no responsibility for loose, disclosure or other demage of your data, photos, viedos or others.