see strange image after installation


in my current installation

I see strange images. I guess they are the images that "links" to the php files that are inside the "data_aaas" directory I created.

I see in the latest beta version I downloaded that the config.php file is already present. Inside there is a "../data" directory.

I changed that in


removing the ../ before "data". That is all the change I did.

another thing:
In order to create the "flowers" album I had to create a "flowers" directory inside the "data_aaas" isnallation. Is this the correct way?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Thanx, the config.php should

Thanx, the config.php should not be there, sh*t! :)
You can change the path there to your data directory.

To create new album directories, you have to create directory in album directory. This you have to set up in "Main Setup" section.

i see i'll have to post new fix of beta14...



tank you very much for your answer.

I see that I can disable the viewing of the .php files in "pictures" section of admin site. So I uncheck "visible" and it works.

I have a problem with my server and antispam image.. it doesn't work in ecard "section".
What I can do to fix it?

I want to insert adsense and some text in the main page. What is the point of your main.php I have to modify?

last but not least... you accept paypal?

thanks again! your software is very nice?

you can disable antispam

you can disable antispam function, in comments and voting or in e-card section, both does it.

If you want to ad anything to html you have to do it in the templates. They are named album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php. First is used when displaying album the secodn when single image. You can find them in themes/ where is either Borders or Flowing_Dark :)

And yes i accept paypal ... there is donate button in downloads or a big banner on the first page:)

thanx you too, i hope phpAlbum will be much nicer and more popular soon :)


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