Basics of phpAlbum Script

So, what are the basic functions an online Photo Album / Gallery should have?

  • possibility to upload pictures or photos
  • adding this pictures to the album

So let us begin with the first and most important feature:

Uploading pictures and photos

Basically there are two variants in phpAlbum how you can upload new pictures on your server.

The first one is to use your preferred FTP or SFTP Client. Just put the photos to your PHOTO_DIR (This is the Photos directory which you have to setup in Setup->Main Setup).
For new photos you can freely create new directories or subdirectories. These will be displayed as Albums in your PHP Photo Album.

Other way to upload the Pictures to your album is to use our integrated Upload Manager. This has far less functions as any FTP Client so we strongly recommend using FTP-Clients. More about how to setup Upload manager will described later.

What happens after uploading of your pictures? Actually nothing happens. So here we come to the next very important feature of phpAlbum:

Adding pictures or photos to the album

All you have to do to display new uploaded pictures in your upload is to go to the Setup->Galleries, and click on Scan directories link. It will automatically scan the whole PHOTO_DIR for new photos and add them to the Database.
All new photos are default as visible so you will be able to see them.

Note that if you did not do this scanning explicitly it is done every 24 Hours automatically.