phpAlbum v4 0.4.1-beta14

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md5_file hash: 644184f4cad23d73f6d40bb9c7a774a5
First released: Tue, 2007-05-01 13:44

New features:
- IPTC Support, importing of IPTC Keywords, searching after keywords, displaying main IPTC Informations, and importing IPTC Descriptions to the description of the photos
- E-Card, you can now send E-Cards to yur friends and family
- you can now set up if some grops (users) can download original images or not.

- several bugs, multimedia files downloading, many bugs in the themes
- some security issues, including of language.php and so on..

Will be in Next Version:
- support for Flash Videos (sfx) and linking to the videos from sites like or