Cannot connect to my ftp?

I ran the installation, it connected to my ftp server and installed great! However now when I am on the main.php page and trying to connect to my ftp server it continues to tell me "Unable to connect to the server"

I have tried several different way,,, etc.. It just will not connect me.

Any ideas?

BTW: So far, this is such a slick program! I'm hoping I can see it in action on my own site!


Re: Cannot connect to my ftp?

hello, was the right, actually if you install with wizard, this should be already correctly set up. But sometimes, not so oft, it is better to write there localhost. Don't know why but some servers are just not so perfectly configured ... so they can only work with localhost. Just try it ...if it doesn't work just send me your login/password on my email, a will check it ...

Re: Cannot connect to my ftp?

thanx for your login info, i tried it with localhost or even with but it doesn't work. It takes also too much time to get the error message. I think it could be too restrictive server configuration. Your FTP-Support in PHP is enabled, but you can not connect to any server. Not even external FTP server works ... so you can try to ask your provider to chech this ...

p.s. i sent you already an email, just wanted to reply also here ... it could help someone other with the same problem.


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