More thumbnail bugs and I want to send you some money

This script is great! You've done a fantastic job. I want to support your efforts by sending you some money. But, I do have some problems.

I'm running the latest beta version. For the most part, it works well. I do run into a lot of thumbnail redraw problems. With the shadows turned on, I got various unusable results. With certain browsers, the shadow would come out as 3 stripes on the left side of the picture. I turned off shadows to fix that. The other problem is that the thumbnail often will not appear. I get a white box with a red X in it, or sometimes they come up as a white rectangle. If I hit the refresh button, sometimes the thumbnails will come up correctly and sometimes they won't. It works better by clicking on the directory name to refresh the screen, but it's still not 100%. Is there any type of work-around for this.

I am hosting the web site from our Win 2003 IIS6 server. I have PHP4.4.4 installed. You can check it out at: user:Test password:Test I'll leave it open for a few days and see if you can figure out something.

The script is nearly perfect for our uses. It's the most corporate looking photo album I've seem for hosting a lot of pictures. We need to host 10k+ pictures. I plan on using your script permanently if we can get a work-around to the thumbnail problems. Do you have a time frame for a fix? Is there some way I could help? Would some extra money help speed things up? Send me info on getting money to you.


Hey, i'll look at this later

Hey, i'll look at this later today ... I see you are using the newest version , that is is good. But will be much better if it is no more just beta.

Regarding your certain Browsers not displaying shadows correctly could you send me the names and versions of the Browsers.

And with your thumbnails, I'll see, there are several problems which can cause thsi problem. Mostly this was putting of some Ads into the picture data, this is done by some free or very cheap webhoster. May be IIS is the problem or some security setting on it. Quite strange.

And you can of course send some money, there is a very nice button in downloads section named "DONATE" :)

More info

Hi Patrik,
The shadow problem showed up in Firefox and Safari on a MAC running OSX10.4. It also saw it on a PC running Firefox 2.003. I found the best results were with Internet Explorer 7 on a PC. I can live without the shadows. How do I send you a picture of what the shadows look like? I'll gladly help you sort it out.

Ads can't be a problem with the thumbnails. The web site is hosted in my building on my server. The server runs Windows 2003 server SP1. The web site is run in IIS6. By clicking on the directory link, I can sometimes get the thumbnails to display correctly, but often it just changes which thumbnails are not displayed correctly. As I said before, I get 2 different thumbnail problems. 1) the thumbnail comes up as a white square with a red X in it. 2) the thumbnail appears as a vertical rectangle. I'll be glad to post pictures of what I am talking about. Just tell me how to get them to you. Both problems are completely random. They appear on different thumbnails each time. Maybe if there were a way to determine if the thumbnails were displayed correctly and then resend the one s that did not. I would think that some type of log error would occur when a thumbnail doesn't display correctly, but I don't really know.

Thanks for the help.
I sent you some money. Hopefully this will encourage you to continue work on this great script.

I saw the problem on your

I saw the problem on your site but I could not recognize what is the problem. It is totally random what happens there. I mean, the thumbnails are already generated and they are just sent from cache ( in cache directory ), that is why i do not understand what is going on there.

If you like send me your admin login/password to your album so I can look at your phpinfo page and in the error logs. Did you switched error logging on in setup?

I think this is some problem related to your configuration Windows server with IIS6. I think there could be some problem with file handling in the flat file database used by phpAlbum.

If I tried just to display one thumbnail it is always displayed correctly. I think there could be some problem when the requests are coming parallel. I hope we can find something in Error Logs....

... and thanks for the donation ... it surely raised my motivation to work more on the script ... and I see I should bring that banner for "Donate" back to the front page :)

You can send me an email on


I'll email you

Thanks for the help. I really hope we can sort this out. I will send you an email in a little while with directions to get to the site via FTP. I have to configure the ftp server first.

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