thumbnails again ... :/

Tried everything to make them work. Cache is set off. Script upgraded to the newest. I tried to avoid readfile funcion. Without any result. :(

Can you take a look?

ok solved: i upgraded it to

ok solved: i upgraded it to the newest beta


thumbnail problem

I´ve been having problems with my album´s thumbnails. I just installed the latest versin, (not beta) in my server and worked that day but the next it didn´t. So I reinstalled it and they began working again. The next day they wouldn´t load.
How can I fix this problem?
Thank you

Sounds like some problem

Sounds like some problem related to your hosting provider. There are always some problems with some free provider, they sometimes put Ads in to the generated pages. And thumbnail as actually a generated page too. If they are not recognising that this is a picture and they just put some html code (for Ad) in the picture data, it is clear that the browser can not display this.

I quite sure you will have to change your hosting provider.


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