Why things dont seem to work and some new and or existing options

1.What is the purpose of the register button? It does nothing and allows you to do nothing - it is confusing to people who use your gallery on my site. (it could be used for: See question #4)
I have a couple of further questions that I am hoping you (the admin) (or any one else) can answer for me.
2. How can I get the voting option to work? I keep checking the option button and nothing happens - what am I doing wrong or what do I need to do?
3. How do I get the individual gallery password option to work? does it work?
4. Is it possible to give people the option and permission to upload their pictures into a gallery and folder of there own? (would be a great option on your already nice little script) (with a pay for option would be nice to).
5. The spam filter option seems not to be working also.
6. Is it possible to display and use media files in the galleries?
Other than the above notations, I think your script is a great script and love the possibilities it can be used for.
I am using the beta version but have the same issues with the older version
Best regards
and thank you for all the hard work,it is much appriciated

1. As a visitor of your site

1. As a visitor of your site i can register in your album. Click register, fill out your name and password an email, and click register. You as administrator can than change the groups of the registered users and so on. For example, on my private album i have directories where only users of my group "Family", i.e. my Family, have access.
But you are right it is somhow not exact, i'll change the text to for example "Register New User" or something like that.
2. Voting as not there at all. It come in some next version, you know it is just beta.
3. There is nothing like that in the new Beta version. You have to use userers, groups and restrict the visibility of some directories to some groups. I know there is no documentation about it, but you have to read the small explanations of each option in the new greate setup section :))
4. Yes it is, but it is still not perfect, they have to know your ftp password and you can not restrict them to some folder, however this comes in some next version.
5. Spam filter works perfectly, since i installed that on my demo and private album, i have no spams there. Not even one :), but may be you have som problem with it, are there some error messages in error log (swtich on error logging )
6. I think in beta12 this does not work, but beta13 which comes soon can this, so one can display videos and audio files (withs screenshots) for downloading them, i also work on displaying swf-videos(flash based) and for linking of youtube.com and myvideo.de videos, so one can display them directly on album.

Pleas be patient, this is still beta but it is going to be very well featured album :) i hope at least so...


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