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It's been a long time since we spoke last however I have been working hard on my new site which I would like to integrate an album into. Is there any CMS bridges available for Mambo & phpAlbum. There are lots of guys that are dying to have a Gallery software that will allow front end users to upload images. This might be something to consider as i'm certain it will add significant popularity to your script :)

Thanks again,


Yeah, more popularity is all

Yeah, more popularity is all i want, but but but ... This is i think not so easy to implement, i mean the Mambo bridge or other CMS.

May be later when the whole design of phpAlbum will be better ... what is always possible and quite easy to manage is the other way, integrate your CMS in phpAlbum :) i know not a typical way to do it but it works. You have just to make phpAlbum look like your page, with all the menus and so on, you can also include there some dynamical things like menus etc.

May be if i have som time i'll post some "How to" do this ...

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No problem I wish it had

No problem I wish it had more popularity because it would be great. Integrating it is possible but I wanted a one login option which would be great!

Uhm, you mean single sign

Uhm, you mean single sign on, so if you log in into the Mambo or other CMS then you are logged in in phpAlbum. Yes this would be nice, I'll think about it ...

My 2 cents

I work with many content managment systems and there are a couple different options to work with as far as a photo gallery goes. My suggestion would be Coppermine or Gallery. I only mention this because i believe this album was built for non CMS systems so i personally would rather see a new stand alone version being developed than spending time integrating into someone elses creation. For example, the phpbb group does not support CMS integration with their bulletin board, granted they have spent 4 or more years developing a new stand alone version but it is damn sweet.

Hi Patrik, Thanks for the

Hi Patrik,
Thanks for the post. I just visited your site www.ticovista and found no tab to upload the images. When you will integrate the album into this site? I am really searching for insurance gallery software which allows users to upload images.

there is a perfectly working

there is a perfectly working bridge for phpBB3 that makes your forum interact with CMS' (in my case joomla).

I've spend a couple of hours integrating phpAlbum in to my joomla website. The latter is still without any real articles so I haven't yet published it to the root of my designated domain. But phpBB3 works great with useraccounts from the CMS DB.

But I just wanted to show you guys how it is possible to obtain a somewhat integration of phpAlbum in to joomla.

The following url leeds only to my phpalbum:

This next URL will show You how I've integrated phpAlbum in to Joomla using the build-in site-WRAPPER feature of Joomla.

Unfortunately this is the only linkable address Joomla is able to produce for phpAlbum, since the site loads within a virtual frame of your CMS and no real page-change takes place. But the sub-pages will still be accessible to google-bots and what not as long as you keep your phpAlbum within or next to your Joomla on your domain.

But have a look, I've found my set up to be compatible with Opera, Safara, Firefox, Chrome and IE8.

Best regards
JanK (Denmark)

NOTE : My phpAlbum and CMS is aimed at a danish audience but browsing around should be possible without knowing any danish.
LAST NOTE : My gallery features a large collection of movie posters.

phpBB3 and Joomla

Hi JanK, is there any chance on a few pointers on creating a wrapper like the one you have created? I am new to Joomla, although I have had a phpBB photo album on my website for many years.

Many thanks
Steve UK

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