Upgrade Guide

Upgrading of all versions up from 0.4.1.beta8 is very easy. Before this version it was not possible and with upgrading was always meant reinstallation of phpAlbum.

Following steps are required to upgrade your phpAlbum installation.

  • first you should backup your phpAlbum directory, the software and the data directory . Backup of the photos is not necessary.
  • you should disable access to your album so no user can access it from outside, because it could damage your data
  • if you did not changed any files on your former version, for example to fine tune the themes or similar, you can now simply upload the new software and overwrite all the files. The config.php stays the same, therefore also the data directory stays the same.
  • if you did changed the themes you will have to put the changes of themes in your theme files, normally there is not much changed and there will be always a remark about it in release notes. After this upload all other files to your phpAlbum directory
  • now call your album from with your browser, it will automatically recognise that this is a upgrade and will automatically do all changes on the flat file database, so you will not loos any comments or picture descriptions. You should see in upper left corner some text related to upgrading (i.e. upgrading from to
  • it is recommended to do full scan of directories after upgrading. You can perform it in Setup/Galleries