cant access the setup page

I've changed the user mane and password but now can log into the setup page?
how do I get back in?

I think I created a password that was too long. How can I reset password for superuser?

Hello, there is currently no

Hello, there is currently no "Request new Passowrd" functionality in phpAlbum. May be i should add this.

For reseting your password to "admin" you have to do following:

1) go to your data directory
2) find there the file album_user.php and open it
3) find your user record in array where 'name' => 'Your username'
4) you'll see there also the password with encrypted password
5) change that line to 'password' => '21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3',
6) save the file and try to login with your username and password: admin
7) chmod that file to 666, so phpAlbum can write it.

Hope this help you!

did not work

I've changed the password - and it seems that the password is ok (no error message) but the admin page does not show up?

what could be preventing me from accessing the Admin page?

Ok, what do you get if you

Ok, what do you get if you login, again the fields for login and password or are the dissapeard? Do you get the Setup link but it wont work, or do you not get this Setup link?

It is quite strange , are you sure the user with wich you are logging in is in superuser group?

If you like, zip your whole data directory and send it to me, i can check your setup...

just sent you the data file via e-mail

I sent you data file via e-mail.

let me know if you need FTP access


Hello, i did get your email


i did get your email with the files, i will look at them after work.

What i forgotten to say if you do not have any important data as for example many comments and picutre descriptions which you typed for many hours, you can just delet the whole data directory, if you call your album after this, it will create new database, with standard superuser password admin/admin.

The first look at the files looks good, you have there a user which is in superuser group so it should work. I will check all files later.


thank you

Hi Patrik

Deleting the data file worked

I now have acces to the setup page.


I thank you also :) With

I thank you also :)
With your help i just found new bug, i now know what was the problem, you had clicked all groups for your admin account. After this you get only the basic setup sections. If i clicked them away, it was ok then.

As admin you do not need all the groups, because superuser can see everything. If you click them you get the same problem. I will have to fix that problem.


Did it again

Hi Patrik

That is the problem

I reset data file and it just did it again.

At least I know how to fix the problem.

I just fixed it, will be

I just fixed it, will be released in the next version.

Lost admin account

Is there a way of recreating an admin account? ie superuser status

password for Uploadmanager missing!

can log in to set up, but can NOT log in to the Upload Manager page. Is there anyway I can reset or get a new password here? I have to update my website with new illustrations, can you please help out?

Many thanks,

/Helena Lindholm

can't get in

I could see the 4 flowers the first time around but not anymore; and when I try to log in as Admin, it reloads the same page over and over again.

I tried erasing the data but it's the same thing. Can't access the setup pages.


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