New rules on posting, news on developing next version

Last few days i had a lot of dummy not so nice posts or comments, which i have always to delete. That's why now is anonymous posting no more aviable for you. If you have some question, send me a email or even better register here on the page, and create new forum topic and share your problems with all of us.

Regarding the developing of next version, it can takes one or two weak to have it finished. I am now implementing phpDatabase in phpAlbum. It makes now even more fun to programm this, it so much easier if you can easily select data from tables, order them , delete or what ever :) And still without third party Database, still easy to install and now also EASY to develop.

phpDatabase is an separate project, it has also its own page, but still under construction. This will be a pure php database engine, easy to use in any of your php application.