Rotate Pictures 90 Deg CW, CCW

Hi Patrik,

it would be nice if I could rotate picture 90 Deg CW and CCW as many of my users just put pictures downloaded from camera to the phpAlbum photos directory.

The rotation should save the picture so I do not need to do it more than once.


Yeah, lossless JPG rotation

Yes, I don't know if it is even possible but lossless JPG rotation would be really, really cool.


Yes, I too agree upon this.

Looks like phpAlbum can do most of the common tasks to publish pictures in a snap.

Pity that the rotate functionality is not here yet, good work on the rest of project I must say though =)

On picture rotation

Please do not modify the original. But plase add a feature the allows us to rotate the thumbs. Thanks.

Of course, phpAlbum will

Of course, phpAlbum will never touch your original pictures :)

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