Add a comment function

When pressing the link "Add a Comment", the screen displays as follow:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagegif() in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 20

This may be the cause of bug

I have found that when I upload an gif image. The album can not show that image but a dead link icon. When I copy the link of the dead link icon. It shows:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagegif() in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 358

I think the problem may be due the the imagegif function. Pls check, Patrik. Thx!

Looks like you do not have

Looks like you do not have enabled support for gifs in php, quite strange, but i'll make it work, if imagegif will not be aviable i'll use jpeg for this... this has to be definitely aviable if you want to use the album :)

Fix comes with next version probably today... i'll see


imagegif is not support

Hi Patrik

I have use this php to check the support of imagegif and found that the server does not support imagegif.

echo 'Current PHP version: '.phpversion().'';
if (imagetypes() & IMG_GIF) {
echo "GIF Support is enabled";

Is it possible to make those function run correctly by changing the imagegif to imagejpg? Also, I'm so happy to hear that you have next version in a short time.

PS: The php verion of my hosting is 4.3.3

In next version i'll use

In next version i'll use there imagejpeg, so it should then work. It is just setting of GD2 library that you do not have that, no idea why one should disable it ...


Hi Patrik

It's me again. I have check the php server with the phpinfo() function. It said "GIF Read Support enabled ". So does the server support gif in php? I'm quite confused about this

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