phpAlbum Beta 0.4.1-beta9

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md5_file hash: ca2c7f653d0ebf7a54bcc44014621e12
First released: Wed, 2007-03-07 23:23

- Inserting picture description with special character
- Duplicate ID in initial photo_param table
- Bug related to directory \.\
- Fixed bug with caching of generated images on browser side ( in order to see the difference, you have to delete the cache in phpAlbum because the header infos are cached together with data)

- Antispam code picture generating and checking when adding comments
- From now upgrading means just overwriting the old files with new ones, all database changes are done automatically. Note that only 0.4.1.beta8 can be updated this way,older versions are not supported, for older versions you should do a new installation. But 0.4.1.beta8 will be updatable with any later versions.
- You can now disable error logging ( default is disabled)