Error inserting pictires description

On Beta7 version while users try to insert photos description they receive:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in /home/mhd-01/ on line 641
can you help me? thank you very much. Daniele

Is this a new installation

Is this a new installation of beta7 or did you upgraded from older versions?
You can not upgrade beta7 version , you have to install it as new or delete all files in data directory after upgrading (but you will loose all comments and descriptions).

Upgrading will at first time be possible in beta9 ( if you already had beta8 ( version.

If you don't mind loosing of data, just delete all files in data dir... this should help you.

Yes, this is a new

Yes, this is a new installation of Beta7. No upgrade.

I also had this error, it is

I also had this error, it is likely to be that the description contains a character that is not allowed (as it breaks it). The character i noticed that was causing the problem was ' which i assume when used confuses php. I'm sure this could be accounted for and allowed in future versions but i personally don't care enough, although in this post alone i have legitimately used ' twice.

Hope this helps.

Hi this is clearly a Bug.

Hi this is clearly a Bug. I'll report that as Issue now, so can remember and fix it.
In future you can self report such bugs under this link:

Report Bug in phpAlbum Beta

Anyway, thanx, i'll fix that in next version.

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