phpalbum loads up servers

Hi ,

First of al , sorry for my poor english , i have the following problem , today i recieved a email from my host witch sayd my they put my site inactive , the problem is that phpAlbum uploads the servers ? What does this mean and how can it be fixt ?

i am using phpAlbum_v0.4.1.beta7 , it all workt great for about 1 week

please help

I think they have problem

I think they have problem with such programs like They know it can take much performance when resizing pictures and so on... If you use the cache in phpAlbum (which is "on" after installing) and you do not put hundereds of picutres per day wich are 5 Mpix then it "should" not be problem.
On such server i woul use only one size of thumbnails and picutre size (orignal,middle or small) so not too much performance is eaten up. Of course original is fastest as there is no resizing when showing picture.


The site is back online and

The site is back online and i have made the changes and put it on original , thank you for the answer , i notice now that the home button is gone ? is it because i use a logo file ?


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