Bugfix #1 & #2 for 0.3.1 vesrion released.

Actual released version is now I have released it today morning (CET). Most functionality is the same. But many bugfixies are made and now you can fully administer the comments your visitors are putting on your pictures.

In comments section of setup, you can now see if there are som new comments on pictures. You have two options. You can Approve the message so it will be no mor visible on the list but visible under the Picture. Or you can Delete it from both , this list and under the picture. If you already putted the setup pasword you can delete the messeges also under the pictures. This can you do also if you already approved the message. There is some default filtering on messages so all html tags which visitors enter will be displayed as text.

There is an new section named Texts. Here is possible to translate most of the text visible for your visitors.

The UTF-8 character set (if setted up in main setup) is now used also in setup section. I hope i found all bugs related to UTF-8 and filesystem character set. Descriptions of pictures and directories are now better processed.

Upgrade with wizard ist still not possible, i know this is not good, but i do my best ...

Edit: Day after bugfix #1 was now bugfix #2 released. Few bugs fixed see download section.

So download / install it and use it.