Installing of phpAlbum

Installation of phpAlbum is now even easier as before.

Just go to the INSTALL section and install it out of this site on your ftp-server. It is very easy and all you have to do after this is upload your photos with FTP. All directories are created autmatically and there will be alsou photo_xyxyx subdirectory where you can upload your images.

If you want manually install phpAlbum then the following description of it can surely help you.

First you have to download actual version of phpAlbum. It is recomended to have always the newest update, as this is an early stage of developing this tool.
Untar downloaded file and upload it to your webspace. Best way is to have an extra directory for this i.e. phpAlbum.

After that, you have to edit config_change_it.php file, and change the data directory, it should be something like data_XY29348/ becouse of security issues.Then change the file name to config.php

Now you can try to look at If this is first installation, you will be redirected to the setup page, where you have to setup directories which are needed to run this program.
You need an data, photos and cache directory. Data and cache should be writable by script-user like wwwrun or something like that.
In setup you can only tell script which directories shoud be used, for creating directories you have to use FTP software or something others, you must change the rights on data and cache directories, so that user under which is Apache and php running can write in these directories.

After this you can upload your photos to photos directory, create sub-directories and use your web enabled phpAlbum.

vielen Dank

vielen Dank

Gern geschehen!


Just to let you know that I

Just to let you know that I think the website is great and I wish you all of the best for the future.


Hi, thank you for your wishies!
Unfortunately i have now disabled the possibility for posting links, sorry, your links were no really problem but, there are many people who post links which i rally don't like.

the logo

i cant et the logo to work, it has an invalid pic when i try to view it. heres the example

NOTE: sry for doubling posting and i have fixed my other last problem, thanks!

Logo tested

Hi, i tested both logos you have on page, Autobody.jpg and Enter.png. Both works with 0.2.4. If you made an upgrad, check if you uploaded also themes directorey. Before was only PNG supported since 0.2.4 also JPG for logos. Logo path should be relative path to you phpAlbum main directory. So if you type Autobody.jpg then this should be in phpAlbum/

I'm working now on automatic installer, so next time i think it will be a lot easier.

Fatal Error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: theme_initialize() in /var/www/html/scripts/phpAlbum/main.php on line 1259

How do I fix it?


looks like you are missing files in themes/FlowingDark subdirectory, or this are from older version. Check this please.


best one around !

data directory

I have this error
Your data directory data_XY29348/ is eather not existing or not writable
help me plz

not redirected to the setup page

when i looked at it has redirected to the setup page

Re: not redirected to the setup page

Hello, and what are getting if looking on :), did you installed manually? I assume yes .. are you getting some error messages ?

You can also open new topic in forum for this if you want.

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