previuos/next shows "not visible" images and other data access bugs

Hi, that's a little bug.

If I use previuos/next button to see my resized images, I also see images that are setted to "not visible" (correctly thumbnails are not visualizated).

I think problem is that they have been setted to "not visible" only after been visualizated once first (so file has been cached). So I tried deleting and disabling cache but I the result is the same..

In this way I can't avoid people to see files I don't want they see.. and that's coul'd be important!

How can I do?

Access rights

I'll report another bug. Also this bug is very important to be solved because it interests the access right of informations (like the first I reported).

If I have a folder with some sub-folders I can't set "Access rights" to that folder. I only can do it in the sub-folders, or better, in the leaf folders. That's an important problem for me 'cause I can't limit access to users I want.

That's what page prints when I try to set access rights:
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\photo\phpdatabase.php on line 641"

I hope in an early patch to solve these two problems because I can't make my Album public if I can't manage users, groups and information access..

Hello, i will look at this

Hello, i will look at this two problems shortly, and will try to release new beta where this will be fixed.

Thank you for posting.

I definitely need something like bugzilla on this site. For posting bugs and so...


Hi PAtrik, First of all

Hi PAtrik,

First of all thanks for your answer.

I also would like to ask you another thing:
is it possible limits access of galleries not only concerning a group but also single users?

Could be nice to implement these feature :-). Access control could be very complete! :-)


Hello, just posted beta8

Hello, just posted beta8 version with fixing of that bug related to visible "unvisible" picutres.
The second one with "Access rights" i could not find, i mean on my test data it is working perfectly, i think it is related to your names of directories, do you have some special names of directories, it would be helpful if you send me your zipped image directory of course without images just the directory names of the directory tree where you have this problem.


hi Patrick, thanx for your

hi Patrick,

thanx for your work.
When I have time I'll try the beta8 version of the album.

About access right problem I also think is a problem related with names.
Maybe ',' or white spaces in folders make some problems.

in fact the problem is in the same line written in this post:

Now, I'm not at home so I'll give you my image directory as soon as possible if you need it, but, as I said, probably the problem is in "," or white spaces (the only "strange" chars used).


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