phpAlbum v0.3.2 released !!

Today i released new version of phpAlbum. Actual version is 0.3.2. Hope you have seen that now you can use Install Wizard also for upgrades of version 0.2.1 and newer. For older versions it's not recomended.

There are few new features implemented.

  • it is now possible disable visibility of directories
  • also you can change sorting for all directories. You can sort the files by name, filename, and date. Ascending and descending. Name of a picture is short description if existing or filename. For directory it is the alias or directory name. When sorting by date the program takes the creation date/time of file/directory. If you set up default sorting for directory, it will be sorted depending on default sort-setting in main-setup.
  • you can now put an alias name for directories, which are then displayed instead of directory name.

There were also multiple bugs fixed, most of them posted you, so Thank you all helping me to make this script usable.
One more thing, if you like you can see our access statistics on Statistics.

Have a nice day!