[v0.4.1]In thmb.tpl.php $dir_name isn't available & Width and heigth of image isn't known

I'm using version 0.4.1 and I noticed in thmb.tpl.php you've got on line 6 of the Flowing_dark theme:
[code]img alt="? print $dir_name; ?>" class="thmb" src="? print $thmb_link; ?>"/>[/code]
But the alt of img is never filled in because $dir_name is empty.
I've tried to debug it myself but with no luck. I do like the idea to put the directory name as the alt. I would also be nice to use the short description of the image in stead of the di_name. This I haven't figured out either.

I also would like to know the width and height of the thumbnail so I can add it to the img-tag. Making my pages render smoother.

So what I need is:[code]
img alt="? print $short_description; ?>" class="thmb" src="? print $thmb_link; ?>" width="? print $thmb_width; ?>" height="? print $thmb_height; ?>" />
How can I do this?


I'll check that with alt

I'll check that with alt tag. $dir_name is not really what i wanted to have as alt of thumbnail :)
The other things regarding the size of the thumbnail, this is not so easy as the size of thumbnail is computed when it is created and that is after the page containing thumbnails is created. However, it is possible to precopute this when createing page, i have this on my TODO list.
Only problem is currently i have near to zero time for this, hopefully this will chang in 1-2 weeks...


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