Add custom exif features

Probably more users like me host with a hosting provider which hasn't enabled the exif features.
So I looked around and found the PHP_JPEG_Metadata_Toolkit from
I've merged it with phpAlbum v0.4.1.

A few files of the toolkit are needed and one custom file which containes the function to port the array returned by the toolkit to an array needed by phpAlbum.
I only use the 'camera model', 'creation time' and 'copyright' of the picture but more are available and can easily be added.
I've created a zipfile containing all files and a textfile showing everything needed to be changed in the phpAlbum files.
The zipfile is available at:

I've got a test version online at:
I'm not yet ready with it, but you should get the idea.

It would be nice if the changes I've made could be added in the new release.

I found it very hard to merge both programs together. So probably some better coding might be needed. But it's working for me ;)

Paul Meems
The Netherlands

Nice work Paul! I will

Nice work Paul! I will definitely check that site, i see it is also open source so i could use it in phpAlubm. It would be nice workaround if one does not have exif module. May be it is also better .. i'll see.


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