Hi, Hugs from argentina...

Well.. i´m using php lbum, for more than 4 moths i guess. (sorry for my english, is not too nice...).

Allways i think to come to this pages to say thanks for the great "program" o web.

here is 10 Am from sunday morning... I come at house from somthing like a party (a birthday from a friend...)

after i take more than 40 minutes converthing the photographs.. and generating the html coding..

now i only copy the pictures to the folder :P

so.. today i take the rest of time to register to the forum and say only Thanks ! :)

And if I need some help and you think that i can help.. concact me. (i do some programs traducctions like DU (directupdate) and others. And i have and server at home, so i can give webspace o whatever you want.

Thanks Again!

I go to sleep :P

Thank you! It is nice to

Thank you! It is nice to hear that :)

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