After upgrading from v0.3.2.6 to v0.4.1 custom theme doesn't work

Yesterday I've installed the official released version (v0.3.2.6) using the install on this website.
It's working great! I also have created a new theme to match the lay-out of the rest of my site. This is also working great. You can have a look at

Because I want the new features in v0.4.1 I've downloaded this version as well. Using the default theme 'Flowing dark' everything works great. But when I want to use my custom theme I do get the main lay-out but the albums are not showing so I can't click to the photo's.
You can see at

So my question is do I have to rebuild my custom theme? Or perhaps an overview of the changes is available.

The Netherlands

Found solution

After looking better at the default theme I noticed this new version requires some additional files:
* dir_pic.tpl.php
* login.tpl.php
* parameters.tpl.php

I've added the files and it's working now.
Now I can edit the files to my needs.


Upgrade finished

I did had to rebuild my theme using the default one.
I've finished with that and I'm very pleased with my result.
Please have a look at:

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