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Hi and sorry for asking this as I've read everywhere on your site and just can't seem to find the answer and I think this is what my problem is...

I have to host my website. I have a Microsoft Windows based web hosting and I'm not sure if phpAlbum works in this type of environment? I've ran the installer and the software installed, no errors, no problems. I created my data directory under the directory of phpAlbum and there didn't seem to be a problem with that. However whenever I go to or even /index.php or /main.php or try to bring up anything under the phpalbum subdirectory from my web browser, I get the 403 error message, access denied. I've checked all of the security settings and even opened the security up to full rights for anyone and everyone and its still the same results.

Can your program run in a windows based host? Thank you and your product is exactly what i am looking for, but for some reason the php extensions just don't work.

I did a test and put an html file into the phpalbum folder and the html file came up without a problem! Can anyone let me know and is there any way I can get your program to work?

Thanks again



I also have host my site, but I have the php version of 1and1. If you want the ability to host php and don't have the need for the isp extensions, I think you can have your site switched over. Either way, you will want to contact 1and1 and see what your options are. Perhaps they can just add the php stuff to your site.

To see how well phpAlbum can merge into a 1and1 site see


i can host your gallery

i can host your gallery sites for a small fee. i have my own dedacated server and no one on it but me.

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