Login Problems on Beta Version

I am having problems logging into the Beta version to customize my layout. When I click the setup button from the main php page and login using the username and password I created, I am directed to the 'My Account' page. Basically I can't get in to any actual setup pages. I'd greatly appreciate any assistance.

Thank you!

Initially you have there an

Initially you have there an admin user, with admin password. To setup the page use that user. If you want use another user, just register one and give him the rights you want in groups.


Thanks for getting back to

Thanks for getting back to me. The problem is that I've already created a username and password. From the main php page, I click the Login link which gives then gives me the boxes to enter my username and password and then I hit the login button. It then takes me back to the same page where I first was to register. I want to get to the page where I can change background colors, etc. But I keep getting directed to the register page when I login.

The problem I face is the

The problem I face is the same as Michelle's. The set-up button always refers me to one page where I can give my home address, but I want to go to the page where I can learn about uploading pictures and change other parameters. How does one do that?


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