Large Photos don't display/cache


I seem to be having a problem where large photos (over 1 Mb) aren't caching or displaying:

If necessary, I'll use an external program to create the thumbnails and images, but I thought I should mention this.

I am using phpAlbum version:

Thanks again for a fantastic script!


Hello, Not the file size is


Not the file size is important but the pixel size of the pictures. If you look at your phpinfo page, you will see there that your php installation has some memory limit. To be able to resize pictures to smaller thumbnails or smaller pictures, it is necessary to load the whole picture into the memory. PHP needs for this cca. 4 Bytes for each pixel. I do not know what is the size of your pictures, but you should try to make them smaller or to raise the memory limit in your PHP (ask for this your provider).

To see your phpinfo page, just go to your site:


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