Developing next features ...

Today i made a some important decision, i think at least. You know, all this stuff like view statistics, voting, actually all what is done and should be done in an application like this, all this need some type of database. If you don't have this, the programming of new features takes very much time.
Each time new flatfile, new procedures to load it to store it. And each time i have som problems if i add some new columns.
For the next version i will programm some basic database features. I am as professional an Oracle developer, i miss this very much in my program :) What i want are some core functions where i can create an database, tables, add new columns, sort queries and so on ... I think this will take at least one or two week. But after that, adding new features, like user login support, voting, statistics all this will be added much faster. And still without third party database like MySQL.

Actually i just wanted to inform you that it can take some time until new version comes. But it will be much better then now it is ... so i think it is worth for waiting for it ...


Great... go ahead and let me know when you finish with.
It will be better if you use MySQL database.


Yes it could be better with MySQL and easier to programm. But i think for this app i really don't need some real database. Flat files are just enough. And it is much more easier install this for many people not familiar with MySQL or not having access to webspace with MySQL. Remember: Easy to install, no Database needed :)
But i will let you know if i am finished.

I'm confused...

You say you need a database but then you say you don't want to use one. If it matters, what draws me to your Album is that it uses flat files. Not that I am not familliar or comfortabe with MySQL, it is just that with photo galleries, MySQL seems to complicate things for the website owner.

Just my 2 cents. Keep up the great work!

Re: I'm confused

Ok, it is something like confusing:) What i wanted to say is, i need database features like creating table and selecting from them and so on, but i don't want to use some real database like MySQL, just because i want that phpAlbum is easy to install and without database. Nice on this type of application is you can easily copy them with all the data, easily backup them and so on.

Thats why next weak or two i work on some basic database modul, or let say library which i will use to store all needed data, like settings, picture descriptions and so. This will not use any third party database, just flatfiles on filesystem but will have all the comfort i am missing now ... this pure PHP Database has already its own page but yet nothing on it ...

OK, I understand now

It may be the slight language barrier here too, but your English is pretty good. Placing data, settings, descriptions in other flat files should also make it easier for the user to make changes without looking through tons of code. Good work!


Great... go ahead and let me know when you finish with.
It will be better if you use MySQL database.

Problem is he going to lose people if he did use MySQL

I use MSSQL for my database.

I also run sites that don't use a database at all.

Flatfile databases are good for small data fields. Its when you get up in numbers is where the database becomes faster.

Re: Problem is he going to lose people if he did use MySQL

Hello, hmm i think if i would use MySql i would probably loose most of people using this script. Just because there are plenty other much better Scripts. But they are using MySql. And thats why i didn't want to use real database, there are many people which need some good script but the don't want use database for it.

My database library i am working on, is almost finished. And it is quite fast and easy tu use. Later it will be presented on for people wich would like to use it in their applications.

On my opinion , if i would use MySQL, people would get some other script ...

Pics by category using mysql

Hi all
it's only an idea... have the possibility to have a category album, not only album. For example i have a pic with my sun that stay in the front of my house and this pic was do in year 2003.
Well this pic can be in 3 category
1. cat my sun
2. my house
3. year2003
Like this i have this pic in 3 album
Congratulation and
sorry for my english

Re: Pics by category using mysql

Yes, something like this i was already thinking about. Something like virtual galleries or just kewords like in would be good, of course i will make it without MySQL. That's what about was this article. I need database features for faster implementing of new features. But i don't want to use some third party database. Because this was my main aproach, pure PHP application, easy to install ... bla bla bla :) my phpDatabase is almost finshed, so soon there comes new version with new features ...


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