I thought we were going to have a new version in September 2006

I thought the new version would come out in September 2006, but nothing has come. The home page of this site doesn't even have any new information for months. Is this project dead I guess?

Surely not dead! :)

Hi ghost :)

No this project is surely not dead:) Lust update of the beta version was done on 15.12.2007, but you are right, this is more then a month.

You know, this is a one man "hobby" project, and as o father of 2 years old son i really do not have that much time for this. Additionaly i am moving now to new city in two weeks, i have a new Job since two weeks:) and so on.

So i must say i really do not have very much free time in these days.

From now i will do not promise anything, because I am not able to forecast how much free time i will have. And i will not realease new version if it is not without bugs and full with features i have on the list to do.

The Beta version wich you can download is always almost the newest what i have, you can use it but it is not perfect. Never the less it is much better then the old 0.3 version.

So, i just say "sorry" to all of you waiting for the new release, i will do what i can :)

Have a nice Day!


Thanks for the response. I

Thanks for the response. I downloaded the latest beta and started testing it. There seems to be some errors, I reported them in the bugs section. I did like the additions you made to the album though, looks very promising! :)

Is it close to being out of beta?

I wanted to see how close the phpbalbum is to being out of beta. I want to install it, but once I do, I really dive into the code and change things so it matches my site. I just don't want to install the beta, see the complete version out, then need to redo all my code again!


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