Is phpAlbum working with PHP 5.2.x ?

Hi there,

first of all, this is a nice project. Thanx!

We updated our server from PHP ver. 5.1.x to 5.2.x . Now, the gallery is not working anymore. The error is the following:

Warning: mb_strlen() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in [....]/phpAlbum/main.php on line 939

That means, that the system is not able to set the correct path to the .dat file. I checked the $dir variable given as the first parameter to the method in line 924 - it's empty. register_globals directive is on - what is not very cool ... is that needed? Was just a tryout to fix the error ...

Any Ideas?

Hanx and greetings from Hamburg - Germany


Hello, i just looked at the

Hello, i just looked at the code, and i can not find any call of mb_strlen, overall there is only strlen ... did you changed anything there?

i did not tested it with php 5.x very carefully but it was working. I will do that in the next days probably.

Hey, i was living 5 years in Hamburg, ver nice city.



I have the same problem....PHP 5.2.17 .....What can I do?? This is realy the uniqe gallery..Great job!

array_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given
/main.php (Line:981)
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
/main.php (Line:982)

Best regards,

Blaž, Slovenia

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