Ignoring folders by default

Nice work on beta6. Is there any way to ignore folders by default such as those nasty "_vti_cnf" ones put in by Frontpage users?


I am not sure what you mean

I am not sure what you mean by default. Do you mean out of box, i.e. i should put it in to phpAlbum that this one will be ignored?

Anyway, you can put thet directory to be invisible in gallery setup.

I think ignoring that folder

I think ignoring that folder would make sense as Frontpage tends to create the folder as soon as it scans it.

A sensible alternative would be to ignore hidden folders (I guess optionally for some people), and/or allow the hiding of a list of common folder, and probably file names.

The fact that Frontpage creates the folder without you knowing makes it nearly impossible to go through the folder hierarchy in phpAlbum and uncheck them if you have a large gallery.

Merely a suggestion though. I have meanwhile popped in some code to work around it.

Beta6 is a big improvement, what I'd like to see next is a merge with LightBox functionality... is that asking too much??? ;-)

If I find time I will do it and send it across, but no promises!


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