Problem Scan Director

Good morning,
be in a tight spot with phpalbum at implementation SCAN DIRECTORS will display error

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 6291456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 233472 bytes) in /DISK2/WWW/ on line 1173

Please about help.

Thank you Bock

could you please say how

could you please say how many directories and photos you have?

i will have to check memmory consumption and free some space during that scanning ...

Problem Scan Directors

Good morning,
photo has on the whole 7495 and directory something round 100.

Thank You Bock

Ok, quite much, i will try

Ok, quite much, i will try to check that and release new version if i fixed that. I think i just have to free up some not used memory when doing that scanning.
Thank your for posting the bug.


Just released new beta,

Just released new beta, could you please try it out?

Problem Scan Directors

Problem always carry through.

Now it portrayals this error:
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 5 seconds exceeded in /DISK2/WWW/ on line 88

Adjust from beta 5 on beta 6 am implementation overwriting file.

main.php and phpdatabase.php

Perhaps that will do.

Thank you very much

this is a php setting,

this is a php setting, somwhere in php.ini there is maximum time allowed to run php, if this scan takes more it puts this error. You will have to change that setting.

There were no changes in DB so overwriting the files is ok, if you mean that.

Problem Scan Directors

It'll be problem change. I have got Webhosting and there I can't change this parameters. Only I was trying it on localhost and there it functions.

It perhaps solve won't go ?


problem with Full Scan Director is same, again after 5 seconds it will write error.

A at the same time am take note that the if registret over most one user and in admin menu clicks on their adjustment, edit all users at a blow. Being there some problem with database.

Thank you

I am sorry for my English.

Scan Directory Error

I Installed Phpalbum and it is working

I now have over 3000 photos arranged in date wise folders.

the Problem is I added NEW photos and new Directors under photos/
Each time in "re-scan" I get a timeout error page.

i have set PhP execution time to 300 seconds.
Still when I rescan new photos and new directories dont show up.

1. How can is run Onlyre-scan seperately ?
2. is there any otehr way to Update teh Albums .. It looks like the date and time of images added to folder may be "earlier" that the folder time.
3. Is there a way to do a "forced" scan directly on server ?
4. Is it possible to scan only one directory at a time ?

One more question : I want to know How to disable UPDATE to Db .. I am having the album down for almost a few hours daily when automatic updates happen. Can I disbale DB updates, and do it ONLY from dmin when neded ?

Thanks Patrick

Scan Error


My problem is similar to the ones already posted here.
I'm getting this error when I try to scan the directories:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in .../public_html/phpdatabase.php(580) : runtime-created function on line 2

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in .../public_html/phpdatabase.php on line 705

Is there a way to fix this ?

Thanks in advance

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