Little "big" problems with index thumbnail

I advancely excuse if I have mistaken section and for my very bad english.
I have a little problems that I am not able to solve on phpalbum at page

1. If I upload a new photos directory..the thumbnail on the index page is not the first photo of the new dir..why? I named the files in the directory with set ascending order 001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg .. etc etc. But the thumbnail isn't the first picture and I don't know why! :S

2. if I set an ascendent order of the directories (in the admin page/main setup/Default sorting) in the index page of the photoalbum the sort of a dir/gallery is random :(
ex. If I named a directory "1. example" and another "2. example" .. etc etc .. I found it in the index page as order: "3. example" "1. example" "2. example" .. buh :/

help me please :D

Hello, 1. you can selecect


1. you can selecect which photo should be taken as for directory thumbnail in pictures setup section. There is a checkbox for this for every picture. Select only one picture for this. May be deleting cache in phpAlbum setup is also necessary so try it.

2. yes this is known issue with that sorting problems. I already fixed it but still not released new beta version.


not working..

Hi! Thanks for the answer but .. exactly .. where I can select the photo should be taken as for directory thumbnail ?
If I go in the "Picture" settings and I select a photoalbum..can I "check" the -visible- parameters but If I check it the album contains only this picture :/
I don't know.. :/

right to "Visible" checkbox

right to "Visible" checkbox is the "Use for directory logo", this should be checked to be used for the thumbnail. But only one, if you check two it takes one of this two ...
Picture used for logo can be actually also setted as invisible, in that case it is used only for dir-thumbnail but will be not visible if you navigate to this directory.


"Use for directory logo"

"Use for directory logo" text isn't visible..there's visible only the checkbox on the right of "visible" and if I -check- it the image is used for a dir thumbnail but if I open the photodir..there aren't images! :/

Check now the link .
I follow your istructions :\

I have tryed to reinstall in other directory and test it but it doesn't work however. :\ I need it ! ! !

Hi, I just check your


I just check your configuration using FireFox and IE6 in both i can see that text "Use for directory logo". What was wrong is that you unchecked all visible checkboxes that is why you did not see that images. To be visible it has to be checked. I did it, i one can see now the picutres there.

Could you pleas say what browser you are using and, i'm just curious why you do not see that text right to the second checkbox.


copy protecting


My englisch is verry bad so i'm sorry for that

I'm using the last version of photo album and would protect it from richtmousclick.
i've found a script for it but, when i paste it in "main.php" there will be no creating of new thumbs and when the thumb folder ist total empty ther wel be displayed no folder icon's or pictures.
The script i'v used is followed.

//Disable right click script III- By Renigade (
//For full source code, visit

Did i use the wrong script?
or do you know an other / better script for this protection?

best regards chatstek

Hi, i did not used this kind


i did not used this kind of right-click blocker till now. The reason for this is you can not prohibit the downloading of your pictures this way. If one will , you can just extract the img link from html code and use it without right click and so download the file.
One can even do a screenshot so there is actuall no way to disable this :)
What i am working on is that one will be not able to link your pictures, ie use the extracted link to the picture so it will be only viewable within phpAlbum. But you will still be able to do a screenshot.


ehy you! open a new

ehy you! open a new topic..!
Don't write on my post :D

Patrik please answer it very urgent :(

I don't know.. see this..

Then when I check the checkbox at right of "visible" for use selected photo as thumbnail..I must check all the checkbox photo's at left to "visible" for view all.. is it right?

I use IE 6.0 and I don't know because I don't see that text right to the second checkbox.. screenshot:

When you release the beta3 without the "sorting problems"? Is it very difficult to order albums now :P :)

Left to the "Visible" is

Left to the "Visible" is actually the checkbox "Visible"

There should then be another checkbox right to the visible and right to this checkbox should be "Use for directory logo"
This text is missing in your screenshot. Actually it is also missing in my IE6 at work(win2k).
I will release new beta soon (2-3 days).

you're the best

release itttttttttttt :°D

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