Releasing new version - blogging on the site


I wrote somwhere in some comment that this weekend would be released new version or bugfix. This was not possible due to lack of time for developing. You know , new year is here :) Also i found some bugs regarding UTF-8 character set in descriptions (doesn't work) so i am fixing this. So you will have to wait may be few days to see the new version.

I have also enabled for registered users to enter their own personal blog if they want. I have enabled this blog module because i think this is good for messages like this, just letting you know what happens and so on. And i thougt, may be some other people would just want to let others to know how they was working with phpAlbum. I'm just testing this. So may be if it was not so good idea (people will post some bad texts) i will disable this for other users, because in germany i am responsible for content on the site. Critics is of course welcome. Menu for users is on left side on the bottom.

Happy new Year!!